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Before we can process your orders, you need to agree with our TERMS OF SERVICE.

When referring to ‘Mom’s Hosting’, ‘’, ‘Our’, ‘Us’, or ‘We’ we are referring to the owner of the Mom’s Domain. When referring to ‘Client’, ‘User’, ‘Users’, ‘You’, or ‘Your’ we are referring to you.

By purchasing any service from Mom’s Hosting, you signify your agreement to these Terms of Service. If you do not agree with these Terms of Service, please do not use our services. Mom’s Hosting reserves the right, at its discretion, to add, change, modify, or remove portions of these terms at any time. It is your responsibility to check these terms regularly for any changes.

A blog hosting plan or service must be purchased from Mom’s Hosting before you are given account details. Any product(s) or service(s) that a user registers for must be paid for within three (3) days or any orders will be terminated as well as the users account.

Account Setup
Mom’s Hosting can not give any guarantee on a setup time of any service or product ordered. Account setup may take anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours to be activated. Mom’s Hosting cannot guarantee the setup time because accounts are activated manually to reduce fraud.

Client will be held responsible for all actions performed by their account whether it be done by them or by others. If server security is compromised, the account holder is responsible for all violations of the terms of service. Client is also responsible for disconnect and reconnect fees associated with violations.

Mom’s Hosting reserves the right to use clients comments/testimonials for promotional use. If this is undesired, the client may request to opt out of promotional use by contacting Support by submitting a ticket.

All support is provided free of charge. Support can be sent via Email, Live Support, or Support Tickets. Reply times may vary on time of day, urgency, support system, and support details. Mom’s Hosting guarantees support requests to be replied within 24 – 48 hours.

Forbidden Content
Examples, but not limited to, of non-acceptable content or links:
• IRC/IRC Egg Drops or Bots
• Mail Bombers
• IP Spoofers
• Port Scanners
• Viruses
• Pornographic or Obscene Content
• Illegally distributing and/or advertising for copyrighted material
• Leeching Scripts (eg. Rapidleech, etc…)
• Warez/Nulled Content
• PHPizapi Scripts
• YaBB Forums
• Torrentflux (or any other torrent downloading/seeding script)
• Phishing Sites
• Vulgar Language used to offend minority, ethnic background, sexual orientation, prejudiced, discrimination against a group, sex, etc…
• Any and all ILLEGAL stuff that infringes property rights such as: illegal scripts, copyrighted media files (audio & video), etc.
• Backup Your Home Computer
• Hate sites, Racist sites, Anti-God sites
• Pirated software
• Hacking programs or archives
• Large Image Files
• MPEG’s and MP3’s (and other media files)
• Streaming Video and Audio (when hosted on other server, it’s fine)
• Spamming Software
• Background-running programs
• Greymatter, Xmb, Ikonboard and Ultimate message boards


WordPress Plugins that are not allowed:
– Global Translator
– Lancelhoff WordPress Translator
– Backlink
– SpamShiv Spam Protection
– WP Explorer
– Do NOT use WP Cache, Super Cache, or Hyper Cache together. Use only one!
– WassUp or any statistics plugin which pings the server every time you or your visitor executes a new click or a visitor comes to the site

If any of this content or plugins are found, the client’s account will be immediately suspended (or terminated decided by Mom’s Hosting system administrators) and any files that does not comply with the Terms of Service will be removed by Mom’s Hosting.

Restricted Use of Mail
• Sending unsolicited mail messages, including the sending of ‘junk mail’
• Harassment, whether through language, frequency or size of messages
• Unauthorized use, or forging, of mail header information
• Creating or forwarding of ‘chain mail’
If you are caught doing any of these, your account will be suspended and you will be charged a $30.00 USD fee that will have to be payed for within 24 hours or else your account will be terminated without any backup. This fee may be higher if the datacenter, charges us a fine. You are 100% liable to pay for the fine.

These limitations only applies to hosting accounts on a shared environment (Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting).
• Memory usage may not exceed 20% per domain
• CPU usage may not exceed 20% per domain
• Apache connections may not exceed 20
• MySql connections may not exceed 20
• 50 IMAP connections per IP
• 50 POP3 connections per IP
• 80 outbound emails per hour

Invoices are sent out 7 days before a payment is due. If a payment is overdue for 3 days, a 10% late fee will be added to your bill. Payments for any service or product is made in US Dollars.

Mom’s Hosting agrees to fully refund your order if you are not fully satisfied before 14 days. No refunds are given after 14 days. No refunds are available for any plan paid on a monthly basis. Client loses refund rights if they have breached any of our terms.

Overuse Charges
Client agrees to pay for any overuse on their account for Disk Space and Bandwidth. Overuse is billed per GB at a rate of fifty cents ($0.50/GB). Mom’s Hosting reserves the right to suspend client’s account if the overuse charge is not paid. All overuse charges are charged onto the bill for the current month.

Financial Liability
Client acknowledges that the services provided by Mom’s Hosting are of such a nature that services can be interrupted for many reasons other than the negligence of Mom’s Hosting and that damages resulting from any interruption of services are difficult to ascertain. Therefore, client agrees that Mom’s Hosting shall not be liable for any damages arising from such causes beyond the direct and exclusive control of Mom’s Hosting.
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Client agrees that Mom’s Hosting may suspend or terminate services purchased by client without notice and without liability if (1) Mom’s Hosting reasonably believe that the services are being used in violation of the terms of service, (2) A written Abuse claim is submitted involving client, whether it be towards another client, a member of staff or a third party, Mom’s Hosting have zero tolerance for abusive behavior, (3) client is found to of been involved in any illegal activities online and, (4) clients invoice remains overdue for five (5) business days. If after five (5) business days of overdue notification client does not pay invoice, a $10.00 (ten dollar) late fee will automatically be added onto invoice by our billing system. If Mom’s Hosting have still not received payment including late fee after a following two (2) business days clients account will be terminated.

Client agrees that Mom’s Hosting may suspend or terminate services purchased by client for any of the above reasons or reasons seen fit.

No backups or refunds will be given.

In the event fraud is discovered, fraudulent clients are subject to immediate termination at the sole discretion of Mom’s Hosting. All information available to Mom’s Hosting about the fraudulent account(s) will be submitted to both local authorities as well as any financial institutions involved. All fraud orders are investigated and all fraudulent clients will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law whether it is within Canada, USA, the United Kingdom, or overseas.

The client agrees to maintain backups of all data hosted on Mom’s Hosting servers. This includes files, databases, emails, etc… Mom’s Hosting takes no responsibility in the loss of client’s data, client’s customers, or end users suffer due to accidental delete or loss.

Server Changes
Mom’s Hosting may change servers at any time (server upgrade, move to new server, etc…) and this may cause downtime to client’s account(s). If possible, Mom’s Hosting agrees to notify clients of these changes at least three (3) days before the change.

Mom’s Hosting agrees to transfer a client’s account from another Blogger to WordPress once free of charge. If the same client wants another account transferred to our network, they must pay a $5.00 one-time transfer fee for each domain they would like to be transferred. The one-time transfer fee includes blog setup, transfer of posts and comments.

Failure to Follow Policies
Failure to fully comply with these terms is grounds for account suspension or termination (with or without refund, subject to Mom’s Hosting’s discretion). Any accounts contained within Mom’s Hosting’s network must adhere to the above policies. We reserve the right to terminate any account without prior notice. If we terminate your account for violating policy, you will forfeit your rights to a refund.


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