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Hard Facts about Unlimited Bandwidth and HardDisk Space

January 15th, 2009 Posted in Articles

One thing one needs to be very much aware is that, there is nothing like ‘‘unlimited.” Let it be bandwidth or disk space.

If you have been searching for some hosting provider, we are sure you must have come across companies who promise to offer unlimited bandwidth or disk space. Many people advertise this in such a way to attract customers. This is a marketing strategy. There is nothing like unlimited space or bandwidth that exists and hence this is a trick followed by many medium scale hosting providers.

This is how we prove that.

Did you ever hear of unlimited hard disk capacity for a PC? Certainly not and can never happen. And hence, the hosting providers too cannot offer you unlimited disk space.

The same thing holds true for even unlimited bandwidth. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provides internet connection. These ISPs get connected with the hosting providers. Now, depending on the bandwidth requirement of the hosting provider, the ISP charge certain amount from these providers. And no ISP has ever offered unlimited bandwidth to any hosting provider and thus, no hosting provider can provide unlimited bandwidth as at first they do not themselves can get unlimited bandwidth from the ISPs. The ISPs only offer unlimited access but not unlimited bandwidth.

If you are really interested in knowing the truth if hosting providers can really provide you unlimited space and bandwidth, you can try to check for yourself and prove it. Try uploading monster files with sizes around GB. For example upload Linux OS iso file or any other personal DVD which is legal to share. This can really suck huge amount of disk space and then share the download link with your friends or publish it in your blog. This consumes heavy bandwidth when the people start downloading the files. In no time your account gets suspended by your hosting provider. You may be even considered as spammer or just trying to abuse the servers with overload because you consume higher server resources.

Why did this happen?
Speaking fair, you did not violate the terms of service of the hosting provider. But still your account gets suspended. This is because there is nothing like unlimited space or bandwidth in reality! No host can ever offer unlimited bandwidth or disk space.

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